can-do connect

Can-Do Connect provides you with access to the entire small business support ecosystem, connecting you with industry professionals and equipping you with a range of tools for success.

The entire small business support ecosystem is accessible to you through Can-Do Connect.

Our small business support ecosystem provides you with everything you need to succeed. Can-Do navigators will work with you to create a personalized roadmap to achieve your business goals and give you access to invaluable insider knowledge and resources to start or grow your business.

You’ll get connected with the right people in your industry and access tools such as weekly resources and exercises, self-guided business resources, and connection to mentors and service providers. You’ll also have a place to keep your business planning information, checklist, videos, templates, and resource lists, all while being part of a community of entrepreneurs and supporters.

Although our platform is not yet available, we encourage you to join our waitlist, and take the first step towards a successful entrepreneurship!

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential at the Fall 2023 Can-Do Camp: September 7th to December 21st!