can-do connect

Can-Do Connect provides you with access to the entire small business support ecosystem, connecting you with industry professionals and equipping you with a range of tools for success.

The entire small business support ecosystem is accessible to you through Can-Do Connect. Create a profile & Get connected.

Our roadmap will set you on the right track at any stage of your business journey. Navigators at Can-Do will work with you to create a roadmap and customize it to your goals. Then, you’ll get access to resources and insider knowledge about how to start or expand your business. Clear, actionable goals and expert advice at every step will empower you to track progress and move toward a successful future.

This platform links you with the right people in your industry and sets you up for success with the following tools:

  • Can-Do Camp weekly resource & exercises
  • Self-Guided business resources & exercises
  • Connection to Mentors & Service Providers
  • A place to hold your business planning information, checklist, videos, templates, and resource lists with a community of entrepreneurs and supporters.